Harmless Studio Launches

A New Kind of Design Studio

Harmless Studio, the world’s first full-service vegan design firm, launches on World Vegan Day

Harmless Studio, launched on World Vegan Day. It is the world’s first full-service vegan design firm. The company provides a broad range of design services exclusively to vegan brands, products, and services. “The company is on a mission,” according to co-founder Cayla Mackey, “to save lives and reduce animal suffering by helping vegan businesses, products, and services succeed.”

Harmless Studio offers its services to “anyone looking to create or market products and services that don’t harm animals,” as co-founder Dave Pittman put it, “which includes established companies, up-and-coming brands, and brand new startups.”

The demand for vegan products and services has exploded over the past few years — with the number of vegans increasing by 600% since 2014 in the US alone1 , and with brands as far ranging as Tesla, Nike, Bentley, and White Castle all getting in on the action. Harmless Studio is well equipped to help businesses keep up with this rapid growth. The studio’s co-founders draw from their collective backgrounds in design, marketing, and business to bring world-class design expertise to their clients across the fields of brand/identity, interior, graphic, interactive, experience, package, and product design.

Dave Pittman has nearly a decade of experience as an award-winning designer and entrepreneur, which included a stint at Y&R (Young&Rubicam), where he was one of the world’s youngest creative directors within a multinational ad agency. As a designer, he has worked for small non-profits, Fortune 100 companies, and everywhere in between. He is a certified vegan interior designer, and he holds a master's degree in industrial design from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), in addition to a degree in cultural production from Vanderbilt University.

Cayla Mackey studied interactive design at RISD and management at Harvard Business School. She holds an interdisciplinary degree in language and culture from Vanderbilt University, has been recognized as a Global Social Impact Fellow by the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Social Impact Strategy, and was recently recognized by PETA as a leading female vegan entrepreneur.

Cayla and Dave have co-founded several companies, including Unicorn Goods, the world’s largest vegan store. This experience gives them additional insight into vegan design, vegan marketing, and the unique struggles of vegan entrepreneurship. Both are regularly invited to speak at various events and organizations, including SXSW, New York City VegFest, RISD, Harvard University, and Brown University.

For more information, contact Harmless Studio.

November 1, 2018

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